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If you want to be less stressed and more successful leading business change read on...  

As Women Leaders we don't like to fail to deliver business change
...but sadly it can happen sometimes

We all know that business change isn't easy, it takes time, effort, often a lot of money, plus sometimes our job may be on the line.  

When we fail ... 

  • People get stressed out
  • ​Teams resisting change
  • ​Productivity takes a dive
  • Services levels fail, and
  • ​OUR reputation takes a beating

Then we beat ourselves up, lose our confidence and that old imposter feeling rises up .....ugh!

​During a business change the questions that often run through our mind are... 
                    ...how will I get the team on board with this change?
                    ...how can I overcome the resistance to this change? 
                    ...how can I help my team transition from what we do now, to what we'll do in the future?                            ...how do I do all that? 
The fact of the matter is leading teams through a business change is a complex process...so don't be surprised if you're struggling, it is hard!

If you don't have a good process to follow, this can be confusing and at times scary. 

 either way this lack of knowledge is frustrating  
... and then the change can still fail - but you don't know why?

Hi I’m Mary a Woman Experienced in 
Leading Business Change  

I was probably in a similar place to you about 10 years ago. I was tired of the stress, confusion and worry that came with business change. I knew something had to change - and that something was me.

I made the decision to get qualified as a Professional Business Change Manager and that qualification plus my experience as a people leader (probably much like yours), made all the difference to how I lead and deliver business change.

Once I was qualified I realised how much easier it was to deliver change more effectively, so I decided to create practical and implementation focused resources to help other business women who were leading business change be more successful too. 
             This is why Women Leading Business Change was created - specifically for Women Like Us

Women Leading Business Change Powered by EMBED Change

EVERYTHING You Need To Create and Implement the People Side of a Business Change With More Confidence and Less Stress to get Better Results
Women Leading Business Change will reduce your stress and grow your confidence in how to lead through change ...

1. Know what to do, when and HOW during a business change
2. Determine the impact of the change - its scope and size
3. Segment stakeholders - what they need 
4. Establish the current and future state gap - and bridge it
5. Manage resistance at each stage of change - it changes!
6. Better engage and communicate with all types of stakeholders
7. Plan and implement a smoother transition plan
8. Have more control over the change
9. Deliver benefits more successfully
10. ...plus much more

The FAST TRACK GUIDES will provide direction in WHAT TO DO to lead your people through a Business Change RIGHT NOW! This is a 'very to the point' guide. 

The WORKED EXAMPLES, VIDEOS, PODCASTS AND TEMPLATES and other resources are designed to give you a head start with your change! All of resources can be adapted and used as your own - we created these for you so you can adjust these to your needs and hit the ground running. 

THE FREE EMBED Change APP that you can download to your mobile - is your Mobile Coach! This alone is a great reason to choose to become part of the team of WOMEN LEADING BUSINESS CHANGE.

...my favourite part is the APP...check out below

YOUR VIRTUAL COACH ON YOUR MOBILE - you gotta love that!

You have a Virtual Business Change Coach on Your Mobile Available When YOU Need It

No worries about paper folders lost in the bottom draw - somewhere!

EMBED Change APP FREE for 2 Years  
 included in this TOOLKIT


- we are trying really hard to make change as easy as possible so you can win

When you decide to lead change differently you will make a difference to all the people you will lead through a Business Change throughout your career!!

      So the Question you need to Ask yourself is .....

...am I expected to lead my team though Business Change? 

If the answer is  - YES 

then You are A Woman Leading Business Change 
 it's that simple  ...
                Now it's time for you to CHOOSE... 
    ...do you want to lead and enable your people to                                      deliver better results?

HOW TO LEAD your people if you are knee deep leading people through a Business Change RIGHT NOW! These are short sharp guides - no chatter here - just straight instructions in what to do, when and how. 

2. The Guides, Instructional Videos, Podcasts, Worked Examples and Templates 
Designed to give you a head start with your change. You can use them and adjust them to your needs so you are off leading your change - pronto.

Your Mobile Coach - this alone is a great reason to get the TOOLKIT - all that support at your fingertips when you need it. FREE FOR TWO YEARS

At EMBED Change we CHOSE to do this for YOU because 
            a) we could, and 
            b) we love to help people be successful ....

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Contact (+64)0223174921 mary.martin@embedchange.com

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